The month of November is one that's always huge for those who own small businesses thanks to holidays such as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and, of course, Thanksgiving. Since there's so much taking place within this short amount of time, you essentially need to pick and choose which forms of seasonal marketing you will want to tackle, and not surprisingly, Thanksgiving is the most common one that is underused.


Here are four of the best small business marketing ideas for Thanksgiving that you can make note of and that your customers will also enjoy.


*First and foremost, perhaps one of the most popular Thanksgiving small business marketing ideas is to give away a Thanksgiving dinner. This is a special kind of program that not only can help you obtain additional email subscribers, followers, and customers, but it can also assist a needy family in your area as well. The dinner can come from a local business, and to help make it more affordable, you could consider giving away a portion of the dinner itself, such as a turkey, a dessert, or a few simple appetizers. You will need to ensure that you obtain email addresses so that you will be able to transition those who are entering the contest itself into actual customers.


*Another popular Thanksgiving small business marketing idea is to hold a canned food drive. If your small business is one that has a brick-and-mortar location, one of the best methods to get customers to come in is to hold a canned food drive. Consider offering customers an incentive to purchase something while they're in your business by offering a discount for their donation, such as 10% off for donating one can or 10% off for donating ten cans. The final decision is completely up to you.


*One other great small business marketing idea for Thanksgiving is to come up with deals that last the entire month of November. Many people always have a ton of things going on during this time of year, as well as so many choices as it pertains to where they'll end up purchasing all of their Thanksgiving-related items, so consider getting a head-start on all of your competitors by running holiday-themed marketing deals early and continuing them throughout the entire month. If you happen to sell items online, you can also use a special themed promo code.


*Another useful small business marketing idea for Thanksgiving is to donate some of the proceeds that your business earns. If this is an option that you're able to afford, consider setting aside a specific day during the month as one in which you'll donate a portion of the proceeds that your business earns to a charity of your choosing. You'll want to ensure that you heavily promote this day in the weeks that lead up to it, as well as think about sending out an email with a coupon to your customers who made a purchase on this specific day so that you can hopefully get some return traffic in the future.

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