By Ivy Le

When I started my company, 9Terrains, I thought that getting new business was going to be the hardest part and that recruiting talent was going to be the easiest.

It was completely the opposite.

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Happily, old clients and colleagues were eager to support my new venture by referring projects to me. So, gaining new business was not an issue.

Instead, most of my time was spent struggling to find, train and retain a great team. Yes, finding people, training people and retaining them are entirely different processes, and don’t you forget it. HR was so hard that I even tried outsourcing it. Ultimately, however, I came to terms with the fact that a services company like mine lives and dies by the caliber of its people. Heading into our fourth year, we’ve been going strong with a small but reliable team of five employees.

Finding and keeping great talent is the kind of entrepreneurial problem that can hold a business back, but that can be solved with the right counsel – and lots of trial and error.

SCORE Austin has workshops that can help you develop a hiring strategy so you, too, can find, hire and keep great talent.

About the Author

Ivy Le is the founder of 9Terrains, a social media content agency that specializes in bi-partisan issues advocacy. Visit to sign up for our marketing newsletter.

Being an entrepreneur means hiring the right people