A high turnover can break a company. It’s usually indicative of deeper problems. Having loyal, long term employees ensures the future of your company. If you are spending the time to find the best employees, it’s worth it to make sure they stick around.

Ensure Growth

No one wants to stay at the same level for too long. If you can show your employees you trust them with more responsibility they will continue to strive to deserve more trust. This means try to hire from within when you can and give promotions when earned.

Respectful Management

People don’t quit jobs, they quit bad managers. If the management in your company creates hostile or toxic environments no one will want to stick around for long. If you wouldn’t want to be managed by someone, don’t hire them to manage other people. Make sure there are plenty of channels for people to give feedback on their managers and that the managers listen to the feedback.

Profit Sharing

If your employees are more invested in the company, literally, they will be more inclined to stay long term. This also makes them root for the company more because if the company does well, they do to.

Vacation Time

Employees are no good if they are over worked, stressed and can’t focus. Time off from work is vital to recharge and boost morale. This includes vacation days, sick days and paid maternal and paternal leave. It is unreasonable to expect high performance one hundred percent of the time. Give your employees a break.

HR101: Employee Hiring and Retention Workshop

Date: August 23, 2018, 11:00am


Lockhart Chamber of Commerce 512-398-2818

702 S. Commerce St.

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You will learn to effectively deal with the “human” element and navigate the myriad of compliance issues when you hire and work to retain employees. Best practices, practical checklists and helpful “free” resources are provided.


Best practices to retain employees