One question that marketing teams of all types seem to ask on occasion is how they can make content marketing work for them. This seems to suggest that they understand how content marketing works, but haven't had a lot of success in using it to hit specific goals.

The simple answer to this question? Brand positioning.

This is considered to be one field of content marketing strategy that all brands should pay close attention to no matter what. Generally defined, brand positioning involves sharing the values of a company in unique ways that will resonate with buyers, which will ultimately convince them to purchase something from you.

Here are two great strategies to help position your brand through the use of content marketing.

*First and foremost, consider creating content that separates your brand from that of your competition. Make sure your content can help your company stand out and get you noticed through categories such as target audience, customer focus, overall design, components and features, innovation, those who work to help make your brand unique, creation and production, price, and general worldview.

*Make sure that all of your content is aligned with the lifestyles of your customers. These days, most people don't necessarily care about how "technologically superior" your products may be compared to those of other companies, nor will they care if you make it known that your business is located right in the heart of a city. However, changing the content to let people know how they can get in touch with you will change their perception completely.

Use Your Website for Marketing and Sales with Kyle Bailey Workshop

Date: September 14, 2018, 10:00am


Link CoWorking
Village Shopping Center behind Chipotle
2700 W Anderson Lane
Austin, TX, 78757

This presentation will begin to teach you how to position content and conversion elements on your website to maximize the impact of each idea on your site.


Brand positioning through content marketing