Launching a new company is exciting and scary. A well organized and strategized social media launch can give your company the great kick start it needs. Social media is a representation of your company and the best way to communicate with new clients or customers.

Here are three great social media tactics to help with social media launches.


One of the best social media tactics for launching a company is to create a blog. This is a great way to share all sorts of details about whatever it is that you'll be launching, such as how the company itself was created and all of the various benefits of the company itself. Additionally, readers will also be able to contribute all sorts of ideas for the future, and you can then, in turn, engage with them. Blogs are also a great way to keep a website updated and trendy. Any content you create on your website can then be shared across appropriate social media channels.

Research your audience

Prior to marketing your company, it's important that you take the time to research your audience. For instance, put yourself in their shoes and think about whether or not the content that you read would actually have some sort of influence in your overall purchasing decision. If your company appeals to an older generation but you spend your time targeting younger people you'll be wasting your time and money.

Video content

Another great social media tactic for helping to launch a company is to create videos. While these take a lot of effort to make, they will end up paying off big time in the long run thanks to how visual they are. Even after you launch your company, your users are still likely to remain interested in your brand. Regardless of the type of product you're selling, your audience will always remain excited whenever you post a video. The digital world today means creating dynamic content that people will share with their friends. Videos are a great way to go viral.

Cross-channel branding

Your website and your social media channels should be one cohesive look. A website visitor should be able to click to your social media accounts from the website and not have to question if they are in the right place. Use the same profile images, bios and logos across all of your channels so that they are easy to recognize.

Launch Your Social Media Workshop

DATE & TIME: December 27, 2019, 11:00am CST

Address: Capital One Café at the Domain
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Austin, TX, 78758

Do you need simple steps to succeed on social media? Jenn offers guidance for new Social Media users that is perfect for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and non-profits. Lunch will be supplied by Capital One.


Creating a buzzworthy social media launch