The time board members spend together is time that should be utilized to the fullest possible extent. It's important to always plan in advance for board meetings in order to ensure that the time of the group is always optimized. This is something that requires effort from both the members and their leadership, as this will ensure that the meetings are always carefully planned, documented and facilitated. Creating a strong board for your non-profit starts with proper time management and operating with respect to everyone's time.

Here are three useful tips for helping to get the most out of time board members meet.

Send out resources ahead of time

Take the time to send out both resources and articles that are designed to add a sense of value to the main issues at hand and/or discussion topics prior to the meeting taking place. This will enable all board members to have time to properly educate themselves, as well as remain on the same page while the meeting is taking place.

Stick to the agenda

Always stick to the agenda no matter what. Going off of the general topic is something that board members can find themselves doing very easily at times, so you will want to take the time and opportunity to stick to the agenda so that the time of the board isn't wasted during the meeting.

Send out minutes after each meeting

Send out an agenda that contains all meeting discussion topics and goals to the members of the board. This is something that should always be done approximately one week prior to the meeting taking place. This will enable the board members to have time to prepare all of their thoughts and statements, as well as make sure that there will be no wasted time while the meeting is going on.

Nonprofit Communication and Team Building Workshop

DATE & TIME: January 28, 2020, 10:00am CST

Address: SCORE Office
5524 Bee Cave Road
Westland Office Park
Austin, TX, 78746

Robin will show the value of great communication and how to develop it within your nonprofit team and with your supporters.


Creating a strong board for your non-profit