Why do you need a blog?

Many times, people do not buy from you because they are completely ignorant of the benefits of your product or service. With so much competition, people need to know how you are different from the crowd. There are so many content mediums you can take (images/videos on Instagram, Videos on YouTube, Podcasts on SoundCloud) but a blog is one of the most valuable.

When you write your blog, don't just write a post about your fluffy cat or your fun weekend trip. (Unless you are a lifestyle blogger...then have do, and you do it with cute photos of your cat.)

A blog is focused more on informing rather than selling. This is important to know, as most prospects spend the majority of their time consuming free content before they decide to make a purchase. If you have nothing free to offer (such as an article), they will move on and find someone else.

What should you write about?

Write about issues or concerns that are relevant to the needs of your customers. This is not just about your SEO (which you need) but also about showing your customers that you know your stuff. I write (maybe too much) on my website.

Use Google trends and see what people who need your service are researching. And then write about those issues. Get into the habit of regularly reading posts and blogs from your ideal customer. What are their concerns or issues? Then address those issues in a blog.

Patience and strategy is important

Rome wasn't built in a day. Unless you have name recognition and/or a huge advertising budget, you will have to build up your audience slowly and steadily. Remembering this will help you keep your expectations realistic for yourself and your website.

Use cookies to monitor your web traffic. Use Google analytics to see which articles are more popular than others. Most importantly, be CONSISTENT and PATIENT. It usually takes about anywhere from three to six months to start getting consistent website traffic. Develop a writing/content creation schedule so you do not have too much of a lag time in between publications.

Here are some examples of fantastic blogs from product- and service-based businesses.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not a business but it does do a FANTASTIC job of writing timely, relevant articles on different health issues. If you are involved in the health/wellness industry, pay close attention to how it creates and organizes content.Guerreismis a beautiful mashup of photography, travel and fashion. The blogs reinforce the idea of the lux-life.


Inc.comis a magazine that features business owners like you, providing fresh and original content.Gary Vee is the product; do not be mistaken. People buy into Gary before they consider his wine, marketing services or other products/services. He replicates the same content throughout his other channels on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

About the Author

Denise Lee is a certified project manager with more than 10 years of experience. She spent the majority of her work in the federal government, overseeing multi million dollar projects for FEMA and the Census Bureau.

Currently, she is the owner and operator of Victor Novis, a management consultant practice.

Read more of her articles on, send her a tweet at @deniseglee or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Dear service/product pros: Get your blog up and running!