Digital marketing for small businesses

In today’s hyper-fast world of online business, it’s important as a small business owner to understand what actions you should take to stay ahead of your competition. Having a properly designed web site with engaging online content, as well as an active and strong social media presence, can be very advantageous. Even if you don’t have experience in digital marketing for small businesses, Austin SCORE’s team of mentors can guide you on a path to success.

Digital Marketing Returns on Investment

There are several areas in digital marketing that can help you win online. Search engine optimization, social media marketing, and email marketing are well-known as being worthwhile of your investment of time and money. The ease of online shopping, as we all know, has rendered some brick-and-mortar businesses obsolete. However, to find success in these areas and drive customers to your web site, it’s important to create compelling, relevant, and shareable online content.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of ensuring that certain elements of a web site or web page are properly formatted. Having these elements in place helps the web site or web page to be found by search engines. If your web site appears in the top ten sites of the search engine results page, you’ll get the most bang for your buck, and that should be your goal in this area. The most popular search engines have several hundred ranking factors that are necessary to get you there, and if needed, you should consult with an experienced digital marketing team to help reach your goals.

Your Company’s Social Media Presence

Millions of people use their phones to search for information when deciding on a product or a service. Many people also turn to social media for help in making purchasing decisions. Think about it – if a customer sees online that several of their friends have purchased a product or service from you, they’d likely be inclined to also seek out your company and spend some money. The key to social media marketing is to provide information that causes a potential customer to take an action, whether that’s clicking through from your company’s Facebook page to your web site or sharing content you’ve created that is useful, relevant, and interesting.

Effective Email Marketing

Another thing to consider in your effort to get more customers to purchase your products or services is email marketing. Online consumers should be able to submit their email addresses to you through your web site, either on a Contact Us page or subscription page. Capturing this information allows you to begin a relationship with your customers that will then enable you to get more items added to online shopping carts and more revenue for your small business. Email marketing also allows you to send advertisements displaying discounts or specials that when clicked, lead the customer to your product or service web pages. More clicks in the digital marketing world usually means more money spent.

Austin SCORE is a mentoring organization for small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Austin area. We are experienced professionals who help others accomplish their goals and find success. If you need help with digital marketing for small businesses, contact us today!

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Digital marketing for small businesses