by: Jeannine Wheeler

Austin – a city that has grown used to ranking at the top of every list – has yet again outranked its peers, this time for start-up businesses. Rising from second place last year, the Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos region is the nation’s No. 1 market for start-ups.

Each month from 2012 to 2014, the Austin metro area produced an average of 550 entrepreneurs for every 100,000 adults, a faster pace than any other metro area, according to the Kauffman Index for Startup Activity.

Kauffman research analyst Arnobio Morelix told reporters it was down to four main factors: the density of the entrepreneurs and young firms, the fluidity of the population, the connections between entrepreneurs and resources, and an area’s economic and labor diversity.

Indeed, there is evidence of all of the above, including a vast array of resources that are available to budding business owners.

Austin SCORE jumpstarts the start-ups


One of those is delivered through SCORE Austin, which has a long tradition of jump-starting area businesses through business classes and workshops, as well as free mentoring sessions with well-seasoned executives and entrepreneurs.

Says Pete Carvell, SCORE District Director for South Texas, “Austin is an engine of entrepreneurialism these days, and SCORE is one of the tools that can help start or grow a business.”

From 2011 to the present, the Austin chapter provided more than 14,000 services to clients, including in-person visits, email chats, workshops and mentoring sessions.

According to Price Waterhouse, from 2012-2014, Austin SCORE helped start 1,344 businesses – almost 60% of which were added last year alone – creating 784 jobs.

About 27% of those clients were currently in business, with the rest start-ups, dovetailing nicely with Austin’s steadily growing climate of entrepreneurship and innovation.


SCORE offers workshops nationwide


With chapters across the country, SCORE offers such courses as Simple Steps to Starting a New Business, Business Plan Writing, Quick Books, You Are Your Own HR Department, Hiring and Retaining Employees and Digital and Social Media Marketing.

Says Celia Bell, SCORE Assistant District Director for South Texas and a certified business mentor, “The germ of an idea is just the start of a business; what SCORE can provide is the concrete, practical and relevant information and guidance entrepreneurs need to grow an idea or passion into a profitable business venture.”

You can find a local SCORE chapter here.

Kauffman Index Metropolitan Start-Up Ranking


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Jeannine Wheeler is a PR Director who has worked in three countries, including Russia, the US and the UK. She is currently Vice President of Agenda, an entrepreneurial public affairs firm specializing in corporate communications, public relations, grassroots and opinion leader mobilization, digital & creative services and bilingual/multicultural programs.  Agenda has offices in eight US cities. Jeannine is in the firm’s Austin, Texas office.

Entrepreneurs SCORE in country’s hottest start-up market