Often times entrepreneurs are juggling several ideas/start ups/balls at once. It’s hard to nurture the growth of one when you are constantly spending time and energy on several different things. Chose your business wisely because it is an all or nothing situation.


Don’t start a business without knowing the industry inside and out. Know matter how much you believe in yourself you can’t start a successful restaurant without having worked in one, or having someone on the team that has. More than just this, you need to continue to research this industry. They are always evolving and changing so, so should you.


Having a team is a necessary part of starting a company. It will grow along with the growth of the company but it should never consist of one person. Start by hiring people to do the jobs you know you aren’t good at. This saves you time from having to learn how to do while still trying to manage twelve other jobs. Don’t try starting a business alone and then realize a week later you have wasted a week. It’s not possible building an empire by yourself. Just to name a few people you will potentially need - accountant, an insurance agent, a lawyer and possibly, a real estate broker. Not to mention a board of directors, marketing, staff, interns, etc.


Essentials for Starting a Business Workshop

DATE & TIME: March 21, 2018, 9:00am CDT



5524 Bee Cave Rd

Austin, TX, 78746

As a new business owner you must become familiar with a variety of different subjects and resources to operate effectively. This workshop introduces you to these resources. Lunch is provided.

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Essentials for starting a business