Lead ads are designed to enable you to run lead generation campaigns while on both Facebook and Instagram. These types of ads include a contact form, also sometimes referred to as an instant form, which allows people to show their interest in a specific product or service simply by providing basic details and letting the business follow up with them in the future. Other types of ads do not have this type of form attached to them.

Using this form, you can request contact information from those individuals who take the time to click on your ad. Additionally, you can also ask customized questions as well. Regardless, these ads are used to collect the following:

*Newsletter signups

*Price estimates

*Follow-up phone calls

*Business information

Some of the benefits of these ads include the following:

*Contact/instant forms

*Choosing which questions to ask in the form

*Being able to download all of your leads easily

*Multiple CRM integrations

Whenever someone clicks on your lead ad, they will be directed to the instant form. The same thing will happen if they click an ad of yours while using Instagram as well. When there, they will be able to both edit and confirm all of their information prior to submitting the form to you.

3 Pillars of a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign: Mastering Google & Facebook Lead Generation Workshop

Date: November 2, 2018, 10:00am

Location: BBVA Compass Bank
1703 W 5th. Street
5th Floor Board Room
Austin, TX, 78703

Marketers of the past used to say: "Half of all marketing dollars are wasted. The only question in which half." Today's marketer has tools to avoid investing in wasted marketing.


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