Facebook can be a powerful tool for growing your business. But before you get there you have to know how to use this tool to its fullest extent. Below we are going to do a basic walk through on how to set up a Facebook page and start growing your audience and building engagement.

Step 1) Make a Facebook page

So a Facebook page is different from your personal profile. They are used by businesses to interact with people on Facebook and Instagram (Facebook owns Instagram). There are many different parts to a Facebook page that you will need to set up.

Business Name and Description: The business name should be the exact name of your business so that people can easily find you. The description will be in the About section of the page.

Profile photo and cover photo: Choose photos that represent your business. Many businesses put their logo as the profile photo. For the cover photo chose an image of the store, your products or something that best represents the service you provide. Use high resolution images. Nothing looks worse than blurry images.

Call to action: Facebook allows for a call to action button. This could be “call Now”, “learn more” or many other options. Chose the one that you want your customers to do. If you want them to go to your website than select “learn more” and put the link to your website.

There are other ways to customize your page by adding a menu if you are a restaurant, Shop tab if you are a store, or reviews section. Play around with the options and see which work best for your business.

Step 2) Grow your audience

Encourage customers to go and like your page. Share it with your Facebook friends so that they can like it. In the mean time practice doing some posts to inform your new audience about what is going on with your business. Utilize different media options like photos and videos. Once you have a good rhythm going and a basic understanding of the page you can move on to step three. Maybe even consider boosting a few posts or running a couple ads to test the waters.

Step 3) Build engagement

Now that you have the word out about your Facebook page you can focus on interacting with the audience you have. High engagement rates look great to Facebook. They mean your posts will reach more people organically and if you pay for advertisement on Facebook it will be shown to more people. Ask questions on your page. Post polls. Show your audience that you care about their input. Reply to every single comment. Take it one step farther and interact on other pages as your business.

Facebook for Your Business Workshop

DATE & TIME: April 25, 2019, 10:00am CDT

Address: Leander Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center
100 N Brushy Street
Leander, TX, 78741

This class is hands on and you will leave empowered to grow your business using FACEBOOK, the strongest social media tool available! Bring your laptop.


Facebook for your business