by: Bridget Weston Pollack

Focusing Your Business’s Social Media Strategy

You’ve heard time and again that social media marketing is the key to your business’s success. But, do you know where the corresponding lock is? Or how to use it? Social media can seem like a behemoth of a marketing strategy sucking up all your time with results that trickle in at first. Well, fear not; we’re here to set you on a clear, strategic path of the right ways to make social media work for your particular enterprise.

Start with the Big Picture

Is anyone on Google+? Will all these social media efforts even make a dent in my bottom line? What time of day should I post to get maximum exposure?

You’ve got questions and we’ve compiled the answers. The new infographic, “2013 Small Business Social Media Trends” answers all the questions you’ve been pondering regarding social media’s effectiveness for small businesses, recommended posting frequency, emerging social networks and tips to keep in mind to get the biggest bang for your social buck.

Just “Be Likeable”

Sounds easy enough, right? Today’s consumers are looking for businesses to display certain qualities on social media: accessibility, responsiveness, value, authenticity, adaptability and more. In his recent SCORE LIVE webinar, “Why it Pays to Be Likeable – 7 Simple Social Media Concepts To Drive Results” best-selling author & CEO of Likeable Local, Dave Kerpen, shared his 7 tips for harnessing these traits to become more likeable and ultimately see greater business results.

1. Listen

2. Be Responsive

3. Tell, Don’t Sell

4. Be Transparent

5. Be Authentic

6. Be a Team

7. Be Grateful

Listen in as Dave shares examples, anecdotes and quotes explaining why each of these 7 concepts is critical to your business achieving social media success.

Handle Negative Comments

You’ve tried your best to be likeable but somehow it’s happened: the dreaded negative comment! It’s not the end of your social media efforts and definitely isn’t the end of your business. In her recent blogpost, co-founder of,Carrie Hill, walks you step-by-step through dealing with negative comments on your business’s social media pages.  As Carrie says, “The benefits of being online and active in social media far outweigh the negative aspects – but when the negative does rear its ugly head – you need to be ready with a solid strategy that your whole team is aware of.”

In the end, you’ve probably come to realize that the social realm is a place your business needs to be. Like really needs to be in order to survive. As with all initiatives in your business, your best bet is to make a plan, follow through, get everyone on the same page, analyze and revise.

Bridget Weston Pollack, Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Bridget Weston Pollack is the Vice President of Marketing & Communications at the SCORE Association. In this role, Bridget is responsible for all branding, marketing, PR, and communication efforts. She focuses on implementing marketing plans and strategies for the organization to facilitate the growth of SCORE’s mentoring and trainings services.

Focusing your business’s social media strategy