Many people often dream of starting their own business; however, they find that they have a hard time describing their actual idea. Thankfully, all they really need is a bit of inspiration, and it all begins with an idea that needs space to grow as time goes on. Those who are seeking to start a business in the year 2021 will need to take the “new normal” into account first, especially since the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much for so many people, especially when it comes to consuming products and services.


Here are four great small business ideas to consider starting in 2021.


*One great small business idea to consider starting in 2021 is that of a freelance copywriter. Regardless of whether you write web content, press releases, or blogs, there are all types of different companies who will pay you for the services that you provide. You will be able to increase your overall value by bringing SEO knowledge along in order to help all of your clients come up with a strategy in order to nail down specific keywords that their target audience will be currently using as part of their online searches. In terms of pay, most individuals who work in this position charge upwards of $40 to $50 per hour; however, those who are experienced in a specific field can charge even more.


*Another great small business idea to think about starting in 2021 is that of an app developer. Those who are experienced in technology will most definitely want to consider this type of career, especially since devices such as smartphones have become a necessity these days. As a result, the overall demand for mobile apps have increased. Alternatively, software for virtual reality has also become rather popular over the years, which has also led to a demand for virtual reality app development as well.


*One other popular small business idea to consider starting in 2021 is that of online teaching. Thanks to the overall demand for online education, this has created a huge possibility for entrepreneurs to start their own business in this field, meaning that you will be able to choose any subject that you are knowledgeable in and teach a class, no matter where you may be located. On the other hand, if you don't have a great deal of knowledge in a specific subject, you will be able to teach English as a foreign language to overseas students as a great alternative.


*Another popular small business idea to think about starting in 2021 is that of a consultant. If there is a specific subject that you are both passionate and knowledgeable about, then perhaps one of the best and most lucrative options to consider would be to start a consulting business. Even better is the fact that this is a type of business that you can start on your own, then as time goes on, you will be able to grow to the point where you can hire additional consultants, which can lead to an increased amount of business as a result.

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