A recent survey has revealed what helps to keep a highly successful organization at the top. These businesses don't simply stop to glance over a resume submitted by a potential employee. Instead, they use all sorts of different hiring practices to help them in finding the best talent possible to represent them.

Here are two of those practices that are generally utilized.

Job interviews involving applicants describing specific examples of the skills they possess

According to the survey that was conducted, approximately 94% of organizations already use this specific type of interview, which is said to be among the best in determining which individuals would be great fits for their company. The survey also determined that close to 40% of those organizations involved in the study will plan to utilize it even more in the future.


The survey further revealed that there are a majority of organizations that don't conduct any type of assessment. Furthermore, less than 30% stated that they used testing and assessment methods that are extensive in nature. However, within the next three years, organizations are expected to make a much greater use of methods involving assessments, especially those that will help to measure both abilities and overall job knowledge. They will also work to measure exactly how well someone's motivations equate to the job itself, as well as the overall culture of the company.

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Hiring practices of successful organizations