A target market or target audience is the specific group of people you want to reach with your marketing message. In other words, these individuals are the ones who will likely end up purchasing the products that you sell.

When you are able to clearly define who your target group is, you will be able to understand more about where and how you can reach them. While specific categories are a great place to begin, you will need to utilize more details in order to achieve greater results.

Here are three useful ways in which you can conduct audience research in order to find your specific target audience.

Scout the competition

When you're able to determine who is interacting with your business and purchasing your products, you can then take the step of scouting your competition in order to see who is interacting with them as well. This is something that can help answer a lot of questions that you may have, such as how they're positioning themselves and if they're going after the same market segments that you're targeting. While the audience research you obtain about those interacting with the competition won't be too detailed, the analysis you do obtain will help you to better understand the markets that are being targeted, as well as if the efforts being made are effective or not.

Compile data on current customers

Take the time to identify those who are already using your products. When you have done so, you will be able to seek out others who also fit the same categories. Some of the data you will want to focus on includes the following:




*Spending patterns

*Spending power


*Stage of life

Utilize website and social media analytics

Perhaps one of the best ways to obtain information regarding audience research is from website and social media analytics. This can greatly assist you with filling in all sorts of gaps pertaining to customer analysis. Additionally, you will be able to further understand who all is interacting with your business social media accounts, despite the fact that they may not be actual customers as of yet.

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Identify and Understand Your Target Customer. Mélissa Peng will help you define your target customer using her WIIFT (What's in it for your Target?) worksheet.


How to conduct audience research