There are many challenges in starting a small business – from securing funding and creating operational processes to building your brand identity. Once the initial steps are taken to create your business, it is important to determine what your company’s visual appearance on-line and in print will be. The Austin SCORE team of mentors can teach you how to create a brand identity.

To create a brand identity, a small business owner must decide on the style of the company logo, the colors to be used on the company web site, what fonts to use on-line and for print materials, the design of the web site, your company’s messaging, product packaging, and more. This is where a small business owner can get creative to develop a consistent look and feel for the organization and increase its proposed value.

Of course, the look and feel of your small business – its brand identity – is what your customers will first experience when they seek out your products or services, and it will serve a small business owner well to research the elements that go into a brand identity. This research will help you create a unique and distinct look and feel that separates your business from your competitors. Creating a unique and interesting brand identity will help your customers identify your company’s products and services and will entice them to do more business with you.

Another important part of creating a brand identity is to document what you have created. A small business owner should not only apply the brand identity guidelines, but she should also put it all into a style guide that can be referenced by sales and marketing teams and any other company stakeholders.

Austin SCORE holds workshops throughout the year to help you learn how to create a brand identity, as well as many others. We also have an experienced and knowledgeable team of mentors who are here to help you succeed in business.

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How to create a brand identity