Product Scarcity

People want things they can’t have. Use this innate nature to help build your brand. This is a great way to bolster sales. Customers don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity, so make a great opportunity they won’t want to miss out on and let them know. Closely related to this is exclusivity. Make people think the item is only available to certain people and they will want it even more.

Make good reviews work for you

Nothing sells something like a customer can. If you have great reviews of your business or product show it to people. If people are tweeting praises about your company on Twitter, retweet it. The more you show people that other people like it, the more people will like it.

Pay influencers

If you are going after a specific geographical location this is a great way to quickly build hype. Have local influencers post about your grand opening a week before, a day before and on the day of. This works great for products and restaurants.


Create Your In-Demand Brand Workshop

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How to create demand for your brand