I have lived in three foreign countries and traveled all around the world. But the biggest adventure of my life has come from writing a book.

Everyone says they want to write a book but most people never begin. Many who begin never finish, and many who finish never publish. You get it. I started and finished mine, but little did I know that it would open me up to new skills, including being a better entrepreneur. Both involve being a great storyteller.

To be a good writer, you should never divulge all of your story at once. Instead, one should tease the story and sometimes let the reader figure things out for themselves. This is also a good rule for a communications strategy. Sometimes it's good to leave breadcrumbs; a little bit of mystery never hurts! My personal and marketing communication tactics improved due to my writing journey.

The other side to writing success deals directly with people.

Although a solitary act, writing cannot be successful without community support. With awareness, your book will be read. As a private person, this remains the most difficult part of the writing journey and a business aspect of which I had little knowledge. However, knowing success requires that I put myself out there, I connected with complete strangers to tell them about my work. That helped me grow deeper roots into a new city; strangers became friends and friendships blossomed. My new connections became my new readers.

A writing journey can take one to many great places, but when the passion of the idea that hits you like lightning fades, you must be prepared. This path is not meant for everyone; but, it was meant for me. The journey took me into my new life and helped me craft a living that I love. Through writing, I discovered new ideas, healed myself, and developed a sense of community. I had no idea how profoundly writing a book would change my life and help me become a better entrepreneur and marketer. Writing has truly been a gift.

About the Author

Maureen “Asantewaa” Lomo is a freelance writer/editor and the author of Tenth Year in the Sun, available on Amazon. You can also find out more about the book on Facebook.

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How writing helped me become a better entrepreneur