Too much work!

The weight of the world was on my shoulders. Everyone wanted something from me. But there was a little problem: I still needed to schedule time to work on my own projects! I felt overwhelmed. This is not about distinguishing the important from the urgent. This is about finding balance.

Every business owners who feels overwhelmed needs to do one of the following steps below:

Stop being busy for the sake of being busy

Yes, I know that it feels tempting to fill in the gaps during the day. Your website could use an update. Yes, you want to attend a popular networking event. But before you make a move, ask yourself this one question:

“Does this (action, behavior) fit into my short term business plan?”

Make sure every decision you make is a strategic decision that will help advance your business right now, or within the next six months. Yes, we need to plan for the future. More importantly, we need to manage the resources we have right now. Make the best use of what you have and then you will be able to scale up your resources for your bigger plan or vision. If you haven’t done so already, create short term and long term plans for your business.

Evaluate the short and long term impacts of your decisions

"I have the right to do anything," you say--but not everything is beneficial. "I have the right to do anything"--but not everything is constructive. - 1 Corinthians 10:23

We all want to make decisions in the way that best suits us. When you choose to make a decision for your business, make sure that all of your decisions are beneficial and constructive.

Make your decisions align with your own values and ethics.

For example, you may be able to sell more products if you purposely omit a detail that may turn off potential clients. Is that a decision you can deal with if some clients find out later and are upset with you? Are you willing and prepared to deal with the fallout like in the case with Rawvana, a well known vegan, being caught eating fish? I personally do not want to deal with a scandal like that. According to her website, she is going through a “transformation.”

Set expectations to others of what you can and cannot do

Make sure that you tell your clients, family and friends how much time you can budget with them for an activity or project. And stick with it! Do not tell them you can only spend one hour when they know they can cajole you into working for more than four hours.

Schedule time for rest and relaxation

You cannot be a success at your business if you do not schedule these moments. All of my guests on my show talk about the importance of balance. Because of burnout, they learned this lesson the hard way.

How to disconnect

There are many ways to reset and recharge. Spend time with your friends. Carve out time to do the things that makes you feel happy! If you need to schedule your rest time on your calendar so that you can hold yourself accountable. Yes, we need to work in order to feel productive. But we also need to rest and relax. There is nothing wrong with helping yourself feel better. When you allow periodic breaks, your mind as well as body can relax. Once you return you will be able to work at a more optimal level.

Are you scheduling time to rest?

About the Author

Denise Lee owns a management consulting firm that coaches business owners and leaders. She offers counseling sessions to help nurture professional growth and development. Visit for more information.

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