Running a business can take a lot out of you. It’s important to take care of yourself so that you can give your all to your business. This way you will have the energy your business requires of you. Here are some ways you can care for yourself while still caring for your business. Because your business can’t grow if you can’t grow.


If you run your body ragged you will eventually hit a wall and your business will suffer because of it. Your health should come first and foremost. This means making sure you are getting plenty of sleep, 7-9 hours a night. This also means drinking plenty of water and eating right. If you find yourself scarfing down fast food all the time because “you don’t have time’ to eat a nutritious meal, you need to reevaluate your priorities. You can be more productive with a full night’s sleep and a full belly than you can be on no food and no sleep. You will also be less prone to making mistakes.

Scheduling time to work out is also very important. Not only will you be fitter and have more energy but it also helps to clear your mind. This clarity can help in making informed, enlightened decisions regarding the business. If you truly don’t have the time for a workout then turn your runs, or at least walks, in to business meetings or get a treadmill desk. Do whatever it takes to get your body moving.


We’ve talked about how exercise is not only healthy for your body but also for your mind. But there are other things you can do to make sure your mental health is cared for as well. Running a business is stressful and it’s important to deal with the toll stress can have on your body and mind. Set aside time each day for meditation. Give yourself relaxation time. Take regular breaks over the work day. Stay organized so that you have a clear understanding of where your time needs to be spent. It’s also important to keep a clean home and office. A clean organized space does wonders for your mind. Remind yourself that it’s okay if everything doesn’t get done today.

It also helps to have a mentor to talk to that can help you through the growing pains. It’s always nice to have support from someone that has been in your position and can tell you what to expect. It can help ease some of the stress over the uncertainty.

Entrepreneurship Is a Marathon - Train for Success Workshop


DATE & TIME: June 22, 2019, 10:00am CDT

Address: St. Martin's Lutheran Church
606 West 15th Street
(use 16th Street entrance)
Austin, TX, 78701

Taking Care of Yourself While Taking Care of Your Business is the theme for this 5-hour workshop. Subject matter experts and a panel will coach you to create and sustain the mental and physical health you need as an entrepreneur through the marathon that is starting and growing a business.


Learn how to care for yourself while caring for your business