Marketing and branding go hand-in-hand. Both are large factors in the success of your company. Branding is how you present your company. The values and goals that you and your employees present. It’s much more than a logo on a T-shirt. Marketing is how you choose to share your branding with the world and potential customers.

A well-defined brand strategy can make or break a company. It’s ultimately setting yourself up for success because you have a clear understanding of the direction of the company and what it stands for.

A comprehensive branding strategy is comprised of 5 parts:


The purpose of your company is simple. What problem are you solving for your customer? Once you establish this it is easy to center your promotional materials around this goal. Ask what you can do to make your customer’s lives better. Customers have little trust in brands so it’s important to build that trust. People are more likely to purchase from companies they know care about more than just profitability.


Your brand strategy should be consistent across all channels. This includes social media, the website, newsletters and the stores. There shouldn’t be a doubt in the customers mind that they are on the correct Facebook page or tweeting at the correct Twitter account. If you are curious about a great example for consistency look at Coca Cola.

Employee involvement

Employees make a large part of a company. They factor in to the key of consistency. If your social media manager is funny and charming online than your customer service representatives should also be. Having strong values as a company that are reflected through your employees is a great way to ensure success.


Loyalty is what we’re going for. We want employees that are loyal, customers that are loyal and we want to reward that loyalty. If someone takes the time to write a positive review, interact with the brand on social media or send a letter than respond. Send them a thank you message or letter with a coupon code, some swag or a shoutout. If other people see that you are interactive than they will be more likely to engage. For example look at La Croix.

Know the competition

Most likely you are not the first person creating a company like yours. But your goal is to do it the best. Know who your competition is and keep an eye on them. Look at what they are doing and make notes on how you can improve. Fast food restaurants do a great job of this on social media. Brand positioning is a great way to keep your product in the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Marketing, Branding, and Strategy: Secrets Revealed

DATE & TIME: April 11, 2019, 12:00pm CDT

Address: Buda Public Library
405 Loop Street
Buda, TX, 78610

Finally! Hamid Yazdanpanah will be revealing the marketing and branding trade secrets that the big brands have been using for decades! You will learn the reasons why certain methods do better than others, what the successful blueprint for marketing actually is, why consumers are choosing other brands over yours and much, much more!


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