Quickbooks is a great tool for managing the finances of your small business. For those starting out it can be a little overwhelming. We're here to support you as you learn how to use this easy to use software. Read our tips below and then come to our Simplifying Quickbooks workshop.

1. Invest time to learn

As with anything, it takes time to learn new skills. Rather than putting off learning how to use Quickbooks, put time in to training yourself when you first start. If you don't know how to use the software you will waste time clicking around and end up frustrated. Save yourself the time and frustration and watch tutorials or come to our free workshop.

2. Learn the shortcuts

Just like Microsoft Word, Quickbooks has its own set of keyboard shortcuts. You can save so much time by memorizing the basic ones. After using them a few times, they will be second nature.


Ctrl+F – Find transaction

Ctrl+I – Create invoice

Ctrl+W – Write new check

3. Link all your bank accounts

Make your life so much easier by linking all of your business accounts to Quickbooks. This includes bank accounts, Paypal, Credit Unions, etc. This way all of your transaction automatically appear within Quickbooks and you can easily create customized reports.

Simplifying QuickBooks Workshop

DATE & TIME: November 6, 2019, 10:00am CST

Address: SCORE office
5524 Bee Cave Road
Westland Office Park, Building M (at the rear)
Austin, TX, 78746

Are you joining the many small businesses that use QuickBooks for accounting? With a focus on the online version, we offer a basic introduction to using QuickBooks. For experienced users, we recommend using SCORE's free one-on-one mentoring.


Quick tips for Quickbooks