Aligning your small business with a non-profit is a great business move. It not only helps integrate you into a larger community but there are amazing non-profits out there that could certainley use your support. Here are some reasons why you should support a non-profit through your business.

Employee morale

Everyone wants to feel like their job is creating meaningful change. Supporting a non-profit through your business will boost employee morale and keep them happier. Attending non-profit events as a work team also encourages employee bonding. Happy employees attract happy employees. A positive work environment leads to a more productive company overall.

Customer support

Much like aligning your business with a non-profit impacts your employees it also impacts your customers. Potential customers, especially millenials and Gen-z, are more likely to spend their money with a company they feel is positively impacting the community. A positive appearance in the community goes a long way when attracting new customers.

Tax breaks

Donating to a non-profit allows for large tax breaks for your business. The entire amount you donate to a non-profit is tax deductable. If for no reason other than the financial benefits, your small business should support a local non-profit. Putting money back in to your community ensures that the community will support you.

Which Nonprofits Should Your Business Support? Workshop

DATE & TIME: October 30, 2019, 10:00am CDT

Address: SCORE Office
5524 Bee Cave Road
Westland Office Park
Austin, TX, 78746

Your business will benefit by engaging with a nonprofit. Robin will cover effective nonprofit selection and engagement and the benefits to a business in employee recruitment and recognition in the marketplace. Nonprofits will learn what will make them attractive for business support.


Reasons your business should support a non-profit