If you want to start a business, you need capital. But just what is capital?

Capital is the monetary amount needed to produce goods or services. How do you get it? Capital typically comes in two forms: debt and equity. Debt must be paid back. Equity, on the other hand, isn’t required to be paid back in full. With equity, however, the investors receive ownership of the company through stock.

Either way, the challenge is finding people who want to invest, people who believe in the profitability of your company. Even with a perfect business plan, finding finances can be a complicated process. Will you get money from the banks, the government, high-level investors? Or should you submit your idea to a forum like the TV show Shark Tank or an angel investor? Whatever your strategy, competition for investment dollars is fierce.

We can help. Our seminar, Securing Capital to Grow Your Business,” will help you get one step closer to being a full-fledged business. You’ll learn different types of financing, determine which is best for you and find out how to apply for them. Buzzwords like non-profit lenders, crowd funding, invoice financing, online lending and loan matching will become a part of your vocabulary.

Through personal stories and advice learned through a life of business management, our experts will help you learn how to attract capital for your business. You will use interactive materials like our “Fundability Quiz” to get a leg up in comparing your financials with the top funding options available.

If you have considered or are starting up a business or have an established business that needs funding, this seminar is right for you. And if hands on support is what you need, we can also match you with a SCOREAustin mentor.

Securing Capital to Grow Your Business will be held at Microsoft at the Domain on Jan. 6, 2017 at 9am CST.

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Securing capital to grow your business workshop January 6, 2017