As far as social review sites go, Yelp is still the king. While restaurants know how to maximize their ratings and are leading the charge in utilizing Yelp, the other 75% of the listings still need to get on board. Customers turn to online first before making purchases or even heading to the store. Make sure that your business looks professional on all sites, including Yelp.


Getting Started


Read some reviews on your competitor’s pages. See if you notice any patterns or differences between you and them. Leverage your research on their reviews to see what works and what you might want to do differently.


Have a Completed Profile


People can’t come to your business if they don’t know the address or hours of operations. Make sure that you have as much info as possible on your profile. This includes the name and category, address and phone number, link to the website, photos and the about section.


Make a Visually Appealing Profile


A picture’s worth a thousand words so upload as many as you can. This is a great way to make your profile look professional and stand out. You don’t even need to hire a professional. Most camera phones take high enough quality photos that you can shoot a few yourself. Include an image of the front of the store to make it easy for customers to find it.


Leverage Your Reviews


Great reviews look awesome on Yelp but look even better when quoted on your website or other social media. Why keep the good reviews on one website when they can be posted everywhere?


Respond to Reviews


It feels great when you get great reviews and those are easy to reply to. But you should pay closer attention to bad reviews. Some reviews can’t be helped but for the ones that can, reach out to the customer. You may turn that bad review into a future good one.


Workshop: Social Media -- Your Reputation and Yelp


Location: SCORE Austin

5524 Bee Cave Rd.

Westland Park

Austin, TX, 78746


Time: November 16, 2017, 11:00am


How do you create a great online reputation and then protect it? What are the six basic platforms that a small business owner should consider using. How do you develop and protect your reputation when using them, and specifically Yelp? Walk away with a game-plan to directly impact your reputation and your bottom line. (With lunch)


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Social media - your reputation and Yelp