No matter what kind of hobby that you may have, chances are it always brings you some type of joy whenever you have the chance to partake in it. Many of us dream about being able to turn our hobby into a full-time business. In order to make something like this happen, we need to be able to plan and commit.

Here are tips that will help you turn your hobby into a business.

Business plan

First take the time to compose a business plan. This will help you determine exactly how much money you need to have in order to get started with everything, as well as establish all of your goals and how you can market the business itself to potential customers.


Take the time to learn everything you possibly can about marketing. Failing to do so means you won't be able to gain any customers. You will then want to establish a website for your business and, of course, get yourself on social media so that you can make some online connections.


Another important tip to make note of is to get all of your finances in order. You will always need to report all of your business expenses and income on your tax return, as well as pay all quarterly estimated taxes. Additionally, you may also have to collect sales tax as well. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to establish a bank account for your business as a way to help keep your personal and business finances separate. Consider meeting with an accountant and invest in accounting software to help you more with this type of situation.

Starting a business successfully workshop

DATE & TIME: January 9, 2020, 10:30am CST

Address: Spicewood Springs Branch, Austin Public Library
8637 Spicewood Springs Rd
Austin, TX, 78759

What are the myths and realities of entrepreneurship? This workshop will introduce you to the world of small business and guide you to prepare for being a business owner.


Starting a business successfully