If your small business is looking for a simple way to track your finances than Quickbooks is a secure option. If you are a new user for Quickbooks here’s a few tips to get you started.

Start with an accountant

The best way to learn a new skill is with a teacher. SCORE has free accountants that can mentor your small business to determine your business structure, the best way to track expenses and your obligations based on location.

Watch tutorials

Quickbooks has a great basic tutorial to help you become familiar with the software. It can help you learn what you can do with the software, making sure you know your options.

Client information

In the customer tab you can keep track of your client information. There are fields for name, address and email address as well as a section for payment method.

Track income and expenses

This is where you input all expenses and income for the business. This information is then used to generate Profit & Loss reports to help you track how your business is doing.

App center

Quickbooks has an app center that allows you to customize your experience. You can purchase and download apps into Quickbooks for unique options based on your needs. There are also mobile apps for your Apple or Android phone.

Simplifying QuickBooks Workshop

Date: September 5, 2018, 10:00am


SCORE office
Westland Office Park, Building M (at the rear)
5524 Bee Cave Road
Austin, TX, 78746

Are you joining the many small businesses that use QuickBooks for accounting? We will provide a very basic introduction to the versions, interfaces, use and reports. For experienced users, we recommend using SCORE's free one-on-one mentoring.


Starting with Quickbooks