When it comes to presentations involving business plans, there are some things that will work to help make them as effective as possible, while there are also others that won't, meaning that there won't be much success in the long run for you.

Here are three dos and dont's regarding business plans.



During your presentation, consider using stories, examples, or some type of small demonstration to help bring your argument to life. This will not only help clients understand your passion, but it will also allow them to picture how their customers will feel as well.


Always start and end your business pitch with the same clear explanation of what clients can expect during your presentation. This explanation should last for no more than 30 seconds typically and should talk about factors such as customers, needs, solution, and how much capital is being sought.

Market Research

All of the best competitors generally understand their markets. They're also able to explain which portions of the industry itself were growing, as well as why. This helps clients better obtain perspective and insights, which help them to evaluate pitches.


Focusing Too Much on the Product

Keep in mind that clients will be judging your business more than your product when making a pitch. This means that you should never focus only on what it is that you're selling, and once your product has been placed in front of customers in order to gain their opinions, some aspects of it may end up being changed.

Overload of Text

When giving your pitch, consider speaking man of your words rather than showing them on slides or presentation boards. Stick to composing headlines instead of multiple words, as well as using photos, diagrams, and numbers.

Lack of Authenticity

No matter what, always stick with what you both know and care about rather than performing a pitch that showcases nothing regarding what you're talking about. Doing the opposite will likely convey to clients that you aren't very passionate about the actual topic of your pitch.

Writing a Winning Business Plan

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A business plan is a tool for thinking more clearly about your business idea. It helps you stay organized and on track, gain a better understanding of your market, confirm that your financial model is realistic, and create a long-term vision and strategy.


Three do's and don'ts of business plans