It's certainly not easy to find, develop, and keep amazing individuals; however, it can be even harder to find great managers using the same methods. Things have changed in regards to what employers and employees expect of managers. In fact, there are some new styles of management that are required these days.

Here are three of the most essential traits of a great manager.


Any manager who is a good coach will be able to successfully focus on developing those individuals they work alongside, as well as ensuring that the job at hand is completed. They will also hold regular one-on-one meetings with employees and always encourage them to present any solutions they may have for issues rather than the manager being the one to solve the problem for them.

Fair treatment

A manager that takes a lot of value in treating others fairly will always establish scheduled and assign tasks while, at the same time, keeping development goals and people's capacity in mind. They will also always acknowledge good work that has been performed, as well as build up a diverse and inclusive team of people.

Results oriented

This will help managers to ensure that all performance standards are being properly maintained. They will work alongside other team members in order to help get rid of obstacles that are preventing tasks from being completed, as well as hold team meetings in order to obtain more workable outcomes.

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Three essential traits of a great manager