Throughout the past couple of decades, entrepreneurship is something that has changed greatly. Thanks to the advancement of the internet, resources and information are both more readily available, and those involved in startup projects are able to follow their exploits more than ever. However, there are some misconceptions about today's entrepreneurship that affect both general society and the startup community.

Here are three realities of entrepreneurship that you should take the time to learn about.

Entrepreneurs are only able to make up some of their own rules

The biggest aspect of entrepreneurship is being able to be your own boss. This is partially true, as in other ways, you must answer to customers, mentors, investors, and more, as they all have a legal say in the overall direction of your company. If the entrepreneur fails to listen to them, they could end up risking losing revenue, support, and funding.

You'll never become a billionaire quickly

The many "overnight success” stories involving entrepreneurs are not actually true. No one can ever become a billionaire overnight. Instead, it involves a lot of hard work, failure, trial and error, and much more in order to potentially get to that level.

It still matters where you start your business

The internet can make it appear that you can be an entrepreneur literally anywhere. However, there are still a few great spots where there seems to be an aggregation of tech startups. Funding is generally available in those spots, yet scarce everywhere else.

Starting A Business Successfully Workshop

Date: May 24, 2018, 10:00am

Location: SCORE
5524 Bee Cave Rd
Westland Park, Bldg M at rear of complex
Austin, TX, 78746

What are the myths and realities of entrepreneurship? How do you plan for success? This workshop will introduce you to the world of small business and guide you to prepare for being a business owner.


Three realities of entrepreneurship