Instagram is a social media platform that not only has over 700 million active users every month, but it also has a more engaged audience than other major platforms and a lot less competition as well. As a a result, this provides many different businesses with the chance to market all of their products and services to a more diversified and targeted audience without having to worry about spending any money on advertising.

Here are three useful tips that you can utilize for using Instagram for your own business.

Create a Great Profile

When creating your profile, focus more on the most important things to include in your bio, such as your website, especially since this is only clickable link that can be included. Additionally, Instagram has also launched special business profiles, which allows you to add a phone number to your bio if you wish to do so, as well as exclusive analytics data.

Collaborate with and Mention Other People

Instagram is perhaps one of the biggest social media platforms in terms of highlighting collaborators and sharing success stories from customers. In terms of your business, especially if you partner with another brand that has about the same number of followers as you, you can promote each other to your respective audiences, which will allow your companies to benefit from the increased amount of exposure.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags will help you to expand your overall reach with your customers and followers alike. These can be general, specific, or both; however, they should always be relevant. You should also always include a hashtag that features your company name and use it sparingly across the platform itself. This will help people to find content that is related to you and your company, as well as your company's main account. Typically, the number of hashtags that you will want to use is between three and five.

Instagram for Your Business


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Why is Instagram good for your business? Learn how you can use Instagram to market your services and products and how you can connect with your ideal customers.


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Three tips for using Instagram for your business