If you're someone who's looking to dramatically increase your sales, the thing you should focus on the most is convincing existing customers to purchase from you again rather than attempting to bring in newer customers. Taking this step will help to ensure that you increase your sales exponentially.

Here are three different ways in which you can help make this happen.

Provide your customers with an inside scoop

If you know of either a promotion or sale that will be coming up soon, take the time to let your customers know about it and provide them with a form of inside scoop. Not only will they keep coming back to you, but chances are they'll also refer other individuals to you as well, which will result in greatly increased sales.

Establish a customer rewards program

Businesses both big and small are able to have customer rewards programs if they wish to establish one. For instance, you could offer special birthday discounts for your customers or set up a special points system that will allow customers to earn something such as a discount on your merchandise. Not only can this type of method increase sales, but it can also help establish customer loyalty as well.

Offer free samples

Taking this step can also help to greatly increase your sales, as the customer who tries it will likely end up purchasing the actual product. They could also choose to give the sample to someone they know, who may end up buying the product themselves. Either way, offering free samples is a great way to create word-of-mouth regarding your business.

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Three ways to help you increase your sales