If you're someone who's ever created a business right from the ground up, chances are you know just how important it is to save money while the entire process is ongoing. Always keep in mind that any new project will cost more money, as well as take longer to complete, than you may have initially anticipated. You should always have a plan in place that is very well thought out that will enable you to be successful. In terms of searching for an investor, this will require a rather big investment on your part, but if you utilize your time and energy wisely, you will be able to reach all of your goals without any issue.

Here are three great ways that you can raise startup funds and attract some of the best investors for your business.

Utilize Social Media

This is something that can really grab the attention of potential investors, especially if your presence is strong. Platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn can connect you almost immediately with investors, as well as enable you to let your personality shine. Pitching your idea to them will make them remember how much of a star you are, and social media is also a great way to get to know the investors personally. Consider making a note about topics that they frequently post about, which you can then utilize during your pitch.

Practice Your Pitch

When you create your pitch, practice it as much as you can. Whether it's to a friend, family member, or even a pet, this will help you so much when the time comes to speak in front of the investors themselves. At that point, you will be able to speak about your business effortlessly, as well as what all you would need to make everything better and what problems your business will solve for them.

Come Up with a Realistic Budget

Obviously, you will need a budget in order to obtain your very first customers, as well as to make sure that there is a business-market match. Once you do this, as well as reach other successes and milestones, you can then begin to pitch everything to investors. There are a lot of people who choose to spend the first six months to pitching their businesses to investors, which means you will need to determine exactly how much money this will cost you in terms of expenses, travel, and other fees. Figure all of this out, then determine how much more you can add for marketing.


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Lenders --At some point in setting up or growing most small businesses need access to credit for capital. What financing options are available for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs? This workshop by SCORE provides a view into the world of lending and helps guide businesses to their best funding options.


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Three ways to obtain startup funds and attract investors