Your business idea can't be successful if you can't attract investors. Nailing down how to pitch your start-up is essential to the success of not only starting your business, but scaling it later on. Here are some tips to catch the attention of an investor and get them to believe in your vision.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is key when pitching to an investor. You have a limited amount of time so make every second count. When creating your pitch start with your idea right away. Don't kick off your pitch with a long anecdote to build up excitement. Investors don't have time for that. After telling them your idea, outline the problem that your business would solve and how your solution would generate revenue.

Keep it short

If your pitch takes longer than the alloted time that's a bad look for you as a business leader. If you are rambling and inconcise then you either don't have a firm grasp on what you are pitching, you didn't practice enough or your idea isn't any good.

Keep it sweet

This is your opportunity to really wow investors with amazing story telling. Your pitch should be concise but it should also tell a story that makes investors believe in your idea and want you to succeed. Create a perfect blend of a numbers-based, fact-based, emotive pitch that will hook your investors and have them rooting for you.

Preparing a Pitch for Funding Your Tech-Based Start-Up Workshop

DATE & TIME: November 1, 2019, 9:00am CDT

Address: Microsoft Store at the Domain
3309 Esperanza Crossing #104
Austin, TX, 78758

Would you like to learn how to construct an effective pitch deck for funding your tech startup? Alan will share his considerable experience as a tech startup adviser.


Tips for pitching your start-up to investors