SCORE Austin

Advisory Board Consulting Process

A Real Value and FREE to Select Small Business


Here is how it works

Identify Clients who are in need of Business Assessment, identify their challenges, tailor a solution and create an integrated action plan

While offering hands on support through the Process


The Process

1)Lead Mentor will conduct a business assessment to Identify a companies challenges or needs with owner

2) Develop a team of mentors to address the companies needs

3) Meet with company owner & executives to discuss the detail of these needs

4) Mentoring team will create an action plan

For the company

5) Present the Action Plan and help guide in implement plan.

6) Work with the company as long as it takes

For the execution of the plan


YES this is Really FREE, there is no cost for our mentoring services. However, if if you feel satisfied at the conclusion of the engagement we would ask for you to consider a donation to our Non-Profit SCORE Austin.


Who is SCORE

We are a non- profit Resource Arm of the SBA

With over 11,000 mentors in over 300 chapters

in the US. Here in Austin we have over 70 Mentors

Serving more than 4000 clients in 2017 with over

1500 business started in the past 3 years. Our over 70 mentors have expertise in all areas of business enabling us to serve almost every business need


For more information please contact

SCORE Austin

5524 BeeCave Rd

Building M

Austin, Texas 78746

Phone: 512-928-2425


Your own Advisory Board - SCORE offers new service!!