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Funding Opportunities for Businesses

In some circumstances, SBA will guarantee a bank loan. Loan guarantees must be applied for by the bank. Call 210.403.5900 for loan briefing schedules or go to the local website... Read more


Business Plan Resources

Click on link to business tools to find templates for Business Plan, Cash Flow and other start-up templates and workshops. Read more


Determine a Business Structure

All businesses must have a legal identity. Many factors must be considered when choosing the best form of business ownership. This SBA website provides an over- view of your... Read more


Research & Focus

Check this website for information on how to conduct market analysis, develop marketing strategies, identify your competition and obtain templates to help... Read more


Personal Preparation for Starting a Business

Before committing to starting a business, review your credit history, cash flow, collateral, and character references as well as your business management experience. The links... Read more