“Since signing up for mentoring with Jim Grimsley, I have started to look at my business through a different lens and in more detail. Jim has helped me tremendously with strategy and implementation. His honest feedback has helped me navigate through a some challenging set backs. With Jim’s helped we launched a more marketable product and we will be launching in the second largest chain of national C-stores. I could have not accomplished that without Jims help. I am excited to continue to work with Jim and score as our business grows!”

Karen Posada,  The Good Promise

“My SCORE mentor has been my trusted advisor, friend and secret weapon for over 6 years.  I don’t make a major move or decision without consulting my SCORE mentor. “

Liz Elam,  Founder, Link Coworking

“I was stumbling about in my business when a SCORE leader offered to help me. Accepting that help was the best decision I could have made. They were able to show me where I was off base and as a result, I am doing MUCH better. If your health is faltering, you should go to a good doctor; if you’re faltering in your business, you should go to SCORE. These folks can help you!”

Diana Ferguson, Fundamentals for Success

“Bob Paino,thanks again for speaking with me this afternoon and taking the time to brainstorm ideas for getting to customer #1 and beyond. I look forward to putting some of these ideas into practice and reporting back!”

Matthew Calabresi, Austin Mini Golf Rentals

“I found Score extremely informative and useful, and more importantly, Score provides the strength and the security that most small business owners’ don’t have initially. The volunteers at Score, especially Ms. Celia Bell, has been a great asset to Score’s value and representation.   Score Volunteers are committed and excited about helping small business owners at any stage of their business progress.  I am also inspired to be a Score’s volunteer myself in the future from observing the sincere and genuine interest Score volunteers have shown me.  I strongly encourage anyone who is starting a business to get a proper guidance from Score. Score has been an important resource and a tremendous help for me all these years.  The strength of any business is its people. Score’s mentorship has empowered and created  efficient and productive individuals to run a better and successful business.”

Juli Djonli,  Founder, Abacus Brain Gym, LLC

“Dear Celia and Phil,

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the help I have received with my small business, CookLearnGrow, from both of you as my SCORE mentors.  The professional quality of service has been a tremendous source of expertise, teamwork and strength for me as I continue reorganizing and better understanding how to run and grow my business.

Celia, your willingness and expertise at identifying problems and solutions has enabled me to get past several roadblocks which seemed impassable before our meeting.  Each meeting and follow up email you send with crucial information, some which have come in the middle of the night, testify to your genuine mission of helping entrepreneurs navigate owning a small business. The encouragement you have given me to keep going, proposing solutions and connecting me to the right people have been a lifeline during a very challenging time. Your dedication and inspiration to help others is inspiring to me.  Thank you; you have made a difference, not just in my business, but in my life. I consider you one of my lead guardian angels.

Phil, your financial expertise and willingness to help me not only create a financial plan but understand and manage it has been nothing short of a blessing.  From spreadsheets to finding the right CPA, the countless hours you have spent teaching and supporting me have literally saved my business. Your weekly commitment to meet with me outside of your regular SCORE hours, some even during the holidays, demonstrates your integrity and professionalism in helping the next generation of small business owners be successful.  I also truly appreciate you being the voice of reason for me when I tend to get distracted with new ideas.  Your time, coaching and ability to communicate effectively is an asset to me. Thank you, you too have made a difference in my business and my life.  I consider you a gift from above.

I think of you both as my team, even Kristen who helps schedule our meetings.  SCORE is an amazing organization with amazing people who volunteer their time.  As a former classroom teacher, I understand the value and importance of having a mentor; it is truly a key to success.  Thank you, both, what would I do without my SCORE team of helpers?”

Lori Hinze,  Founder and Director, Cook Learn Grow