Aside from the holiday season, summertime is considered to be the one time of year when consumers end up spending the most amount of money. As a small business owner, chances are you likely have a marketing strategy or some other type of plan ready for the holiday season; however, it's equally as important to have one of these plans ready for the summer season as well.


Here are four of the most useful summertime marketing ideas for small businesses.


*First and foremost, perhaps one of the most useful summertime marketing ideas for small businesses involves sponsoring a local event. During the summer months, there are all sorts of interesting local events that end up taking place in many different areas. When it comes to sponsorships, these are never considered to be reserved public relations tactics only for larger-sized companies – these can be great for small businesses as well. Consider sponsoring a local event in your area, such as a local cause, school, or football team. Regardless of what you decide to sponsor, having the name of your business associated with something aside from a simple product is a tactic that can be an amazing boost for your brand. Furthermore, these types of sponsorships can always be seen by consumers, staff members, and shareholders as charitable, philanthropic, and beneficial not only for the business itself, but also for the benefactor as well.


*Another great summertime marketing idea for small businesses involves placing business cards at various attractions in your area. Begin by obtaining a stack of business cards or brochures in all major attractions that share the same customer base as you. From there, consider adding an incentive for responding to the back on your own business card in order to help with promoting sales. You can also consider adding a QR code on the back of your own business card if you wish to do so. Once you have your business cards or brochures ready, you can then begin placing them at all sorts of events in your area and wait for potential customers to begin contacting you.


*One other useful summertime marketing idea for small businesses involves taking summer photos. Keep in mind that both you and all of your employees deserve to take advantage of the great weather conditions that the summer season has to offer, so go ahead and get out and enjoy yourselves. While you're at it, take the chance to pose for some photos, as this will give you the chance to show your lighter side and show all of your prospects that you are essentially the same as them by simply posting a photo of an event such as a company barbecue or a fun day out featuring both you and various members of your team.


*Another great summertime marketing idea for small businesses involves a social media contest. This is a great idea for those businesses who may be struggling to obtain likes on their Facebook page. This is where an idea such as a summer photo contest may be great to employ, especially since people really enjoy not only contests, but also sharing their various experiences as well. This is something that will provide the perfect opportunity for you to ask people to share their different summer photos, as well as offer praise for a single lucky winner.

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