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Jeff Annis is a known as a serial entrepreneur.  Starting his first business while still in high school, he has owned and operated 9 businesses since 1974.  He currently owns or co-owns four enterprises.  Advisement experiences run across many different industries, and dozens of companies; but, especially is related to companies that are in the service sector.   He is most successful when working with business owners and management teams that want to remain in learning mode and are willing to change directions as needed to become more successful.  The size of the enterprise is not important to Jeff.  Helping people succeed and build value for themselves, their team,, their end users and key stakeholders is Jeff's obsession.  Working with Jeff won't work for you if you are low on integrity, low on energy, low on focus or low on self-management ability.    

Jeff's valuable business experience goes far beyond the successful pest control company he founded.

Areas of expereince:  Buy/Sell Business, Cash Flow Management, Business Planning, Human Resources/Managing Employees, Customer Relations, Marketing/Sales, Small Business Financing, Startups, and Employee Incentives.  
In the nomenclature of small business Jeff's most value is found in these areas: short, medium, and long term visioning and strategy development, establishing core values and culture that aligns the owner’s vision with company strategy, scaling the business, human resource management (recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, firing), understanding how financial work, planning for profitable growth, capital deployment, team building, succession planning, planning for the sale of the company, preparing to grow a company through acquisition.


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