At The Beeswax Co. in Austin, Texas, Christine Flores sells elegant hand-crafted candles made from pure beeswax sourced from Texas apiaries. Flores and her team burnish each candle by hand using her grandfather’s beekeeping tools. When burnt, the candles emit the fragrances of Texas wildflowers, prairie grasses, citrus, and herbs.

While Flores originally started the business as a path to a more fulfilling career, she is now also driven by a passion to educate the public about the healing properties of beeswax, the importance of honeybees, and the dangers of colony collapse.

My successes. 

The Beeswax Co. has expanded its customer base and opened several new accounts, including one with a Fortune 100 company. Because of this, Flores expects to exceed her sales goals for the year.

How SCORE helped. 

SCORE mentor Bob Paino assisted Flores in finding, obtaining, and negotiating the new accounts that helped her to exceed this year’s sales goals. He is also helping her polish a business plan for future growth.

Flores offers this advice to others thinking about seeking mentoring from SCORE: “Just do it –you have less to lose and more to gain by meeting with a SCORE mentor. Also, be honest. Let your mentor know exactly what it is you want to accomplish.”

The Beeswax Co.

My Mentors