Austin, Texas boasts a large Eastern European community. However, the region was lacking a grocery store with foods to serve the population. That was until Tatiana Bogdanovych and Taras Klitchyk decided to open Borderless European Market. The business provides imported products from a variety of countries, in cluding Russia, Belarus, Poland and Croatia.

My successes. 

Borderless European Market is proving to be a fast-growing enterprise. Although Bogdanovych and Klitchyk launched their business with limited resources, their small budget made the business nimble while responding to market needs. The business’ ability to adapt is one reason why Borderless European Market is experiencing growth. A piece of advice Bogdanovych and Klitchyk would offer to future entrepreneurs is to, “plan ahead, start small, and build as you go.”

How SCORE helped. 

It was evident to Bogdanovych and Klitchyk that Borderless European Market would fill a need in Austin. Nonetheless, the pair needed expert guidance to get their business up and running. SCORE mentors Doug Laws and J.R. Thanki provided expertise regarding legal advice, practical knowledge of the small business landscape, and means of reducing expenditures. Laws and Thanki also gave suggestions on how to circumvent common startup obstacles while encouraging Bogdanovych and Klitchyk to achieve their objectives.

Borderless European Market