How SCORE helped. 

International Marketing 

        Isabel Aneyba started her consulting and marketing business - COMARKA - in 2006. She focuses on  helping U.S. businesses expand their operations in the U.S Hispanic market, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. COMARKA specializes in deeper understanding of the Hispanic consumer through innovative qualitative research methodologies. Customized studies help companies understand the Hispanic consumers so that they are able to create competitive marketing plans for their brands and products.

      A holistic research approach and customized studies make COMARKA unique. Each project is different and is focused on the client’s objectives. The process uses cultural sensitivity as well as creative and analytical thinking to develop a methodology that will provide richer insights.

     SCORE mentors, Mike Dore and Glen Duncan, have helped Isabel obtain HUB certification and to develop a business plan, a marketing plan and most importantly, to focus on those clients who offer the best profit potential by expanding her services to meet their needs.


“Thanks to my mentors my business
moved to the growth stage”

- Isabel Aneyba -

Austin TX.

Business:  COMARKA

Started: 2008