After years of working for non-profit organizations as a mental health counselor, Brian Kennedy decided it was time to become his own boss. He started a private psychotherapy practice focusing on children and teenagers, helping them find healthy ways to express their feelings, resolve conflicts, and communicate with their families. 

“Getting started was not an easy task and it has been a huge learning experience,” Kennedy admits. “I networked with other mental health professionals in private practice to gain a general understanding of what steps I needed to take to start my business.”

A close friend recommended Kennedy work with SCORE to develop a financial plan and determine marketing methods. “My only regret is that I did not find out about SCORE sooner,” Kennedy says. “Looking back, I would have made the call the first day that I decided to open a business.”

My successes. 

“Within a month of meeting with my mentors at SCORE I began to receive more calls from potential clients inquiring about my services,” Kennedy reports. He says his self-confidence has received a boost alongside his business skills. “All three mentors have played an essential part in this journey to being a successful business owner.” 

“My mentors at SCORE have provided me with the tools necessary to grow my business,” Kennedy says. “My mentors quickly understood my need and offered new ideas to help my business grow.”

How SCORE helped. 

Kennedy initially worked with Celia Bell to develop a mission statement and marketing plan to make his business stand out and attract more clients. He additionally worked with another mentor, "To learn about filing taxes for my business and utilizing QuickBooks,” he says. He meets with his mentors on a biweekly basis to review his progress.

Kennedy Psychotherapy, PLLC

My Mentors