Lucky and Kim are people of action! They came to SCORE with a well-developed concept of making and selling "puccias" prepared and served from a customized kitchen trailer to be located on a site that they had already identified.

Puccias are sandwiches unique to Lucky’s native Italy. Puccias are made from a family recipe of fresh baked bread in a wood fired oven, and flavorful, organic meats, vegetables, seasonings and home made sauces.

Lucky and Kim test marketed the product by giving samples to a bar owner and his patrons. The enthusiastic response for the product led the owner to offer Lucky and Kim a land lease to park and operate a trailer. Lucky planned the design of the trailer and equipment and they consulted with suppliers.  The business has been so successful that a second trailer location is now being considered.

How SCORE helped. 


SCORE assisted by advising steps that needed to be taken, organization structure, assistance with a business plan, lender information and consideration of terms of potential investor participation. Lucky and Kim acted quickly. They had some available capital and a good credit rating; they negotiated a loan; and they made arrangements with a potential investor. The opportunity quickly became reality. In less than five months they formed an LLC, designed and built a customized kitchen trailer and installed it on the bar owner’s site. A restaurant review of patrons gives a 96% approval rating to Lucky's Puccias; cash flow is positive and the business is profitable. Lucky’s Puccias is making plans for a second trailer and additional locations in the near future. Lucky continues his relationship with SCORE as he grows and expands.




Lucky's Puccia