Rhiannon Beauregard wants to change our cultural conversation about sex. Rather than being negative and secretive, she wants sex to be seen as a “positive, beautiful, and important part of humanity.” For ten years, Beauregard has counseled clients struggling with sex and sex addiction. When she moved from New York to New Hampshire, her New York clients wanted to continue to receive therapy from her, even if it was at a distance. Before online therapy was mainstream, Beauregard counseled her clients by telephone and Skype. In some cases, she found that patients made even more progress without having to struggle with transportation, parking, or worrying about someone seeing them walk into a particular building.

In 2014, Beauregard started her own business, Sex Therapy Online, in order to help make sex therapy accessible to people who would not otherwise have access to it. She now counsels clients both online and in person at her Austin, Texas, home.

Her ultimate goal? “To create a culture where we can communicate about sex and sexuality in an open, authentic, transparent, and honest way.”

My successes. 

Between 2015 and 2016, Sex Therapy online increased gross revenue by over 40 percent. Beauregard was able to buy a house big enough for a home office in Austin, which has allowed her to create a more healing, welcoming space for her clients. She has also been able to contribute to two retirement accounts for the first time. She projects that the business’s 2017 revenue will grow by another three percent.

How SCORE helped. 

Beauregard says, “While I had extensive training as a therapist, I had very little business traininga nd knowledge. Through SCORE mentoring and workshops, I am continuously able to develop my business training and education. Being a better business person, which leads to being healthier financially, is the primary source of the success I have had with my business.”

SCORE also helped with the isolation that Beauregard faced as the owner and sole full-time employee of her business. She says “With mentorship, networking, and workshops, I have been able to meet other people who are in small business and get the support missing from not working in a traditional environment.”

“I would NEVER be as successful as I am in life and in my business if it wasn’t for SCORE,” says Beauregard, who has attended a host of SCORE workshops over the past two years and met with her mentors “too many times to count.” After two other attempts to start her own private practice, she credits SCORE, as well as hiring a financial planner and tax coach, with her success. Not only that, her SCORE mentors helped her push past her self-doubt in order to embrace her success.

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